The Utility Layer for Solana NFTs

Cardinal is a Solana Protocol that enables the conditional ownership of NFTs. We're powering the future of NFT utility through rentals, subscriptions, staking, tickets and more.

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Conditional Ownership

The Cardinal Protocol offers numerous methods to customize the expiry and transferrability of the issued NFT.

Manual Revocation

Specify a manual revocation authority that can revoke the issued token at any time.

Time-based Expiry

Specify either a duration or a fixed expiration date after which the issued token will be revoked.

Use-based Expiry

Enable ticket-like behavior where after a certain number of usages the issued token will be revoked.

Data-based Expiry

Trigger revocation based on data fed in by an oracle to programmatically revoke the issued token based on real-world events.

Selective Transferability

Only allow the issued token to be selectively transferable via a permissioned transfer method intrinsic to the Cardinal Protocol


Lock the issued token in the wallet ensuring the token cannot be traded via SPL token transfer or Cardinal's transfer method.

build with us

Start integrating with Cardinal directly through our protocol and docs,
or clone and deploy our UI scaffolds.

Token Manager
Our core Cardinal Protocol that powers all of our managed tokens. Wrap existing NFTs and use our in-house plugins like time-invalidator to power time-locked rentals, subscriptions, tickets or go build your visions with our docs.
Our Staking Protocol leverages the Token Manager, enabling the creation of stake pools with reward distribution built-in. Staked NFTs can be locked in the owners' wallets or have dynamic receipts that update as the staking progresses.
Image & Metadata Generator
Use our generator SDK to produce dynamically generated images and metadata for NFTs based on on-chain data.
Coming Soon
Namespaces & Subscriptions
Utilize the printing press to enable on-demand minting of tokens that are wrapped in a token manager. This powers the creation of web3 subscriptions and identity, changing NFT collections and membership from fixed-supply to unlimited supply.

One-click deployments with our UI Scaffolds

Rental UI
A ready-to-go rental marketplace that can be deployed for project-specific P2P rentals or creation of guilds.
Staking UI
Launch your staking pool with our admin creation page, and get automatically setup with a staking UI + reward distributor for your NFT collection.
Identity UI
Wrap wallet addresses in your dapps with Cardinal's twitter identity verification. Embed our UI components or use the SDK directly.

Powering NFT utility across Solana's ecosystem

what's possible with Cardinal?

Empower gaming items and in-game economies

Issue non-durable assets that expire after usage or time, enable rentals and loans between players, create in-game economies and robust ecosystems.


Revocable identity tokens based on your online profiles

Power the rental of identity-based NFTs that are linked to a domain. Specify characteristics like name, rental price, transferability and more.

Click HERE to claim your Twitter handle on-chain.


Usage or time-based tickets for any event

Launch usage-based NFT tickets that expire after being "used" at the door, day-passes that get revoked from a user's wallet after the specified duration, or non-transferrable proof-of-attendance mementos.

NFT Collections

Enhancing the value of your prized collectibles

Engage in secure, uncollateralized rentals or loans where the borrower can gain access to gated metaverse communities or events.


Powering the creation of on-chain certifications

Conditionally issue non-transferrable certificates, badges, and licenses that can be clawed back if necessary.