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The best rental platform for your NFT collection. Escrowless rentals with custom time-based invalidation parameters.
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Upgrade your NFT collection with a novel utility using our creation form, and unlock conditional ownership with things like time or usage-based expiration rentals.
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Manual Revocation
Specify a manual revocation authority that can revoke the issued NFT at any time.
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Time-based Expiry
Specify either a duration or a fixed expiration date after which the issued NFT will be revoked.
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Use-based Expiry
Enable ticket-like behavior where after a certain number of usages the issued NFT will be revoked.
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Data-based Expiry
Trigger revocation based on data fed in by an oracle to programmatically revoke the issued NFT based on real-world events.
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Selective Transferability
Only allow the issued NFT to be selectively transferable via a permissioned transfer method intrinsic to the Cardinal Protocol
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Lock the issued NFT in the wallet ensuring the token cannot be traded via SPL token transfer or Cardinal's transfer method.
Rental Types
Cardinal offers four different types of rentals for a variety of use cases. Listing one of your NFTs for rent is simple. Connect your wallet, select your token, customize your listing parameters, and list! Let’s take a look at the three main types of listings, all of which can either be made available to the public or reserved for a private counterpart.
Our Flagship Model
With a rate rental, the lister specifies a price-per-time at which and a maximum expiration until which their NFT can be rented. For example, let’s suppose I execute a rate-based listing for a given NFT at a price-per-time of 1 SOL/day and a maximum expiration of January 1st. Someone may then rent the NFT for any amount of time up until January 1st at the rate of 1 SOL/day.
Rate Rental
Custom interface
GitbookTailored experience
Ready-to-go marketplace deployed for project-specific P2P rentals or creation of guilds
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Full-featured protocol
Our Cardinal Rental Protocol leverages the Token Manager to facilitate conditionally managed ownership. Using the invalidators and approvers in various ways allows for building NFT rentals, expiring in-game items, subscriptions, permits, tickets, passes and more.
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Standard Fees
Comission &
Cardinal enforces a 3% creator royalty and a 3% marketplace commission on all platform rental transactions. These fees are born by the lister exclusively.
Subscription Model
Cardinal charges projects a monthly subscription fee to maintain this form of marketplace, which comes with many other benefits including:
Listing rentals in your choice of SPL token
Unlimited NFT listings/claims
Custom subdomain for your marketplace
Configurable colors, images, and description
Featured profile on our marketplace homepage
Automatic tagging on social tweets (”just rented from @treasury on Cardinal”)
24/7 rental support from the Cardinal dev team
Set up your private marketplace*
Cardinal allows treasuries and guilds to launch rental marketplaces on the platform that allow rental listingsto be denominatedin any SPL token. This form of marketplace thus offers a way for projects to give instant utility to their native token and rent NFTs to their community.
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* FREE for the first 100 all-time rentals THEN 8 SOL/month, 80 SOL/year, or 200 SOL for life
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