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Fully on-chain, customizable escrow-less staking and reward distribution trusted by 400+ collections.
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How it works
Create and launch your stake pool in 3 easy steps.
Step 1
Create a Stake Pool
Use our step-by-step admin flow, specifying which NFTs can be staked and how they can be staked.
Step 2
Setup Reward Distribution
Mint fungible tokens on-demand or transfer existing tokens to reward stakers. Configure your pool’s reward rate based on time, attributes, and more.
Step 3
Launch Staking
Cardinal maintains a full-service staking interface for your community to use. Customize the new pool to your liking and share it with your community.
Top features
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Non-custodial, on-chain staking
Cardinal's flagship conditional ownership protocol to achieve truly escrow-less staking on-chain. A variety of custom features including enforced staked duration, post-unstake cooldown period, and time-based pool closure.
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Automated Reward Distribution System
Several forms of custom reward distribution logic including attribute-dependent reward rates, duration-based "cliffs", and many more.
Additional features
Audited smart contracts
Open-source code across entire stack
Full-service admin and user UI
5-minute, no-code stake pool creation
Pool gating by creator, collection, and mint addresses
“Hard” and “Soft” locked staking
Escrowed AND escrow-less staking
Post-unstake cooldown period
Minimum staked duration with progress loss and retention.
Variable reward rates for allowed tokens
Reward denomination in any SPL token
Little Ape World
Little Ape World
Founder of Sol Punks
It was great idea to list Ape World on Cardinal. We made 32% in increased revenue and it brought a ton of love from the community.
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Audited Protocol
Rapidly initialize stake pools, maintain and modify existing stake pools, build your own staking interface, and much more with our extensive suite of developers tooling
Audited, open-source staking contracts
Open-source UI components
Rust and Typescript SDKs
10+ tools to easily manage and modify your pools
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