End-to-end NFT Event ticketing on Solana.
Empower your holders and create unique in-person experiences with NFT ticketing on Cardinal.
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Whether you’re a degenerate NFT project with an NFT-fluent community, a non crypto-native group interested in the value that NFTs might offer your event, or anyone in between, our ticketing solution has you covered.
We offer a spectrum of structures ranging from fully NFT-based to traditional Web2 QR code-based so that you can tailor the system to your event’s needs.
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NFT Tickets
Let attendees claim non-transferable NFT tickets directly into their mobile wallets. Sign a message to generate a valid QR code, scan at the door to verify ownership, and release tickets as trade-able memento collectibles after the event.
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QR-code Tickets
Give attendees the optionality of web2 ticketing by including default QR-code tickets in claim emails that can be added as a pass to Apple or Google wallets.
Additional features
Audited smart contracts
Open-source code across entire stack
Highly configurable event manager
Token-gating for verified NFT holders
Claim gating/limiting by user, wallet and email
Password-protected tickets
Option to cover transaction fees for users
Beautiful event pages
Response tracking and analytics dashboard
Customizable scanning restrictions
Scan tracking at the door
Launch your events in 3 minutes
Create and share a token-gated event page with your community!
Additional typesEasy to use
Event Creator
Add relevant information like the event’s location or include a survey for your attendees to complete. Token-gate each ticket type, add a password and specify an NFT image and attributes.
Event Creator
Little Ape World
Little Ape World
Just minted my 1/1 invite for the @BrewGods x @DeGods_UK event tomorrow. @nicholasmuncey @degodjim @BuzzHoldrin and @NFTBrit are smashing it out of the park 🔥. The @DeGodsNFT team should be proud ❤️
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Cardinal Events is FREE until the end of the year
The only cost you'll bear are the gas fees to create and wrap tokens. THAT'S IT
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